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Originally Posted by TheFunkyDrummer View Post
It will definitely be interesting and it will also crush the competition. This and Deltron 3030's next album will entertain me for a long time. I don't understand the criticism. Vordul Mega and Vast Aire are both extremely consistent. All their stuff since Cold Vein up until now is underrated, no one checks it out because it's not CanOx. Vordul improved his lyrics and is at least twice as lyrical as back then. If El-P produced this I wouldn't even like it anymore, since I don't digg his latest work. I'm glad other producers are working on it, is there any info on that?
Thank you. Someone else understands where I'm coming from. Cannibal Ox have a sense of what good music is, and put effort into their work. El-P strikes me as being a control freak asshole, and that attitude ran his label into the ground; now he's collaborating with Killer Mike and attempting to stay relevant.

According to an interview with NE Hip Hop, they're working with the producer Bill Cosmiq, and are trying to work with Madlib, Melodious Monk, and others. I'm really interested to see how Cannibal Ox have evolved with this maxi single.

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