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rhianna sucks...just a puppet of the music mafia.

but kiss sucks too at this point. i find it amusing how hypocritical gene is...hes done lip syncing before on television performances...but he may not have had a choice in that depending on the region of the program. the current kiss line up currently has 2 boring hired musicians impersonating original kiss member's by wearing their make up designs, which is extremely fake. the original members Ace frehley and peter criss aren't too happy about this but they do it anyway. gene simmons and kiss were a force to be reckoned with in the 70s...but slowly they sadly turned into a joke due to gene's greed which lead to unnecessary massive marketing and selling out to pop. this is why ace and peter left the group in the first place. when they were replaced for the first time the new members came up with their own make up designs, that was ok, whats going on now is not. so gene simmons is also incredibly fake and should shut the fuck up.

this interview is a good time capsule of kiss in their decline. this was right around the time gene thought it would be a good idea to start changing their style to disco/pop. at this point peter and ace dont give a fuck, as they are in the process of leaving the group because they could see what a joke it was all becoming. you can tell Gene is pissed, its pretty amusing. ace is drunk and high and stealing all the attention and its hilarious. the tension and politics that was going on in this band is great entertainment.

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