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You’ve been touring with Ghostface a lot too. What’s your relationship like with him today?

Yeah, that’s my brother right there. We’re going to end up doing an album. We’re working on a lot of stuff. We’re on the road and we write down a lot of ideas. He’s very supportive of the album. I have tears in my eyes. We were on tour in Canada and let me say this. For a lot of people out there, I’m glad everybody’s got their albums now. I make sure if you pay for it I make sure that you get it. We finally got it on Amazon. When we first started the tour, I was actually doing a show in place of Inspectah Deck in Canada. So when I went out there, it was three days ahead of Ghost getting there. He wanted me on the tour. And the same day that the CDs were done, I was leaving and I had to go pick up my CDs and it was too far. The plane was right there. You know, it was just too far, man. Word. All the way down by San Diego or something. It was too far so I didn’t even have the CDs on the road, but that’s what made it so wild. Through my team, I got it delivered. My team delivered the CDs.

And Ghost helped me a lot. He’s very supportive. We’re going to do an album. We’ve already recorded together. That’s my brother right there.
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