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Originally Posted by IronSheik View Post
reminds me of the Almighty incident from a few years ago...Priest & his management team have a track record for bullshittin so i wouldnt put it past them...

priest "whats this group your making called"

80 "oh its me, YOU, blah blah blah"

lol at m80 tellin people whos in his group aka getting features and telling them "hey youre in my grpup". paperwork or not, u paid dudes for a group that was never a "group". priest said m80 is all about the allmighty and m80 says no listing his dealings with otehr artists... aka making money off all these dudes in procces. maybe dealing with m80 priest all bout paperwork

lol @ 80 saying 50-100 page of paperwork for a song and then sins wife saying "no paperwork". maybe not for sin. dude gets paid in commisary

cilva has lied a buncha times. wheres the instrumental album wit bronze? rza didnt like remedy jacking muslim and a jew and lieing but let rem release it in stores wit rza on it right and put together swarm vol 3 right?... lets be rea
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