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Well since this concerns me I'll speak on it only once as well. First, before this album became what it is now, it was made for a possible Priest collabo I wanted to do. Now I kid you not but I was calling Priest for over 6 months to discuss doing this album. He picked up three times to tell me to call back later and obviously that proved to be quite difficult. Now fair enough on my brother Priest, he a busy man, family and all, running around, all good. Now dont take my word for it, try Shabazz or Gods Wrath who all knew that I was having a very hard time getting to Priest and were helping me out with it.

Any way, no harm done, all happens for a reason and the album grew into something much bigger so maybe meant to be, who knows.

Now skip forward a few months. I get my investment in and I start organizing the recordings for the album. My man GI (Gee as Priest calls him) and Barracuda are off to Staten Island to record. After some challeging coordination I manage to get Priest. Album wouldnt be dope without him ofcourse so Im willing to go the extra mile to make it happen.

We agree on the payment, no probs there and he kindly requests to bring his girl along which is fair enough. We agree on the dates, I book the flight, hotel, GI handles the pick up, transport, food perdiems, all that, no probs. When I hear the first recordings Im not entirely happy with all of it and Priest has no problem redoing certain parts which is cool of him. We speak on the phone and he mentions the banner idea which I have no problem with. He wanted it in the contract which I have no problem with and so we put it in.

Now Im working on a tight budget which led to the first little arguement when Priest wanted to stay longer in NY and wanted me to pay for changing the flights. That is something I couldnt do at that moment for no other reason but financial. If I had it, no probs. but I didnt. Anyway if my memory serves me right, he managed to sort it out.

But... to go on a record and call me a liar is very disappointing. October 18th 2012 at 18.12 I sms Priest to have his guy ESL to mail me the artworks. No reply. Nov 03 I sms again asking if he's with Ghost cause I wanna talk to him (Priest). No reply. Jan 17th at 21.07 after the phone convo about me hearing he dissed me, I send him my email address again and ask him on the phone to text me back just so I know he got it. No reply.

I cant check my emails now but I aint get the designs for banners until a few weeks ago, well after he had already decided to make me out for a liar on his album. Im sorry but thats just wrong. Diss your designer instead cause he aint sent the shit. Or better, call me and call him and try to solve the problem, its only a minor thing. But to go call someone who is your Wu brethren if not anything else over a banner, not sure how yall see it but I feel its wrong.

Im not a liar. I have no benefit in lying about anything. As far as I know, GI passed him the contract at the Ramada hotel and he checked it, asked for a few adjustments and signed it. Neither of us aware of any lawyer present. And like Lenore said, it was a straight forward 3 page release form. And to say I aint holla at him afterwards, October 18th 10:24 "sup priest u got back home ok?". He replied "no doubt".

Priest is a good brother with a good heart and good intentions thats why this was more disappointing than hurtful. Dude is a genius on the mic and Im happy to have him on the album. But I hope he will see that he was wrong here.

Reason his banners are not up at the moment is because after years and years the website is finally going back to Divine and RZA and they have their own rules.

Oddly enough, I have been getting into these types of beefs with a number of Wu brothers over the years and with this album coming out it wont get any less. You will hear about more "beefs" to come Im sure.

But I've learned to save all convos and communications, emails, sms's, etc over the years. You just never know when your integrity is put to question.
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