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i cant front anymore. I tried....really hard. this album is NOT up to standards.
sheek is TERRIBLE here.

some of his god-awful lines that are worse than a 10-yr old with down syndrome....

'Comin' for your Head':
"...still down w/ kobe, gotta feelin he can take it
if miami or oklahoma dont take it..."
"...grab my 9 from underneath the bed
put my vest on, smoke somethin, cock my gun back,
make sure its filled up w/ lead..."

'Different Time Zones':
"...different time zones, steering wheel on the right
drivin down the wrong street thinkin what the fuck im gonna eat tonight,
rae hit me on the txt,
told me that he like that new shit last nite that he heard on flex,
alright cool, hit me up when u get down to brazil,
if the weathers right, fuck it, i'll come down to chill..."

absolutely NO flow!!!! he CANNOT string lines & phrases together! listening to him is like watching a 15-yr old girl that just got her learner's permit try to parallel park in a tight spot for about 8 minutes.

what really sucks the same time GFK is working w/ sheek on this, INS is working on a collab album w/ another guy that isnt exactly OUR top choice......INSTEAD OF DOING A GFK/INS COLLAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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