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is it just me or does rza really seem that corny with his 'no matter what' attitude to force his acting career? i felt embarrassed seeing the former abott pimped up in a stupid costume like this. however, i digged the iron fist movie, even though it got certain weeknesses. but come on rza, concentrate on the essence or give up the lead to ghost to not embarass the 'wu nation' and your brothers once again. i was one of the yes sayers (ghost) when the 8d came out, but i don't give much of a fuck of it today. it's 20 years goddamnit, so get yourselves together for some real epic shit on the next wu lp.

this problematic tendency rza is heading (to hang with hollywood folks and mix it up with the main pillar which is hiphop) has been going on like this for quite a time. nothing against the creativity of one individual, but he's using the wu (as its former main exponent) for bullshit like gi joe. i don't get it. keep it real.

and yeah, this is my first post in more than ten years, something happened during that time that i forgot i got an account here, so peace to all the wu-corp peepz!

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