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I don't think Ghost could lead a great Wu album to be honest. I think Ghost is the best in the clan at making solo albums, but trying to juggle 9 different guys and come up with a sound that compliments them all takes someone special. Rza was that guy. The problem is that he isn't anymore. Rza could never make another album like he did in the string from 36 to Wu Forever. People forget, Rza said for those years he basically ate, slept, and shit music. He was focused to a ridiculous degree. He's pretty much the opposite of that now, and I doubt he'd be willing to back to that for any amount of time even just for one album.

If I had one music wish I could make, it would be that they somehow discovered and found just some of that music they lost in that flood. Can you imagine hearing 15 - 20 vintage Rza beats. That would be crazy.
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