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ChristO crouching tiger

...1971, first year of the show-and-prove
the third day, The Father born again, noone know the truth
shot to He'll and caught up with yacub
the upside-down head where the phila. experiment had its roots
I'm post-mortem, nothing's gotten me out retirement
I get tired a' existing in this dead environment
so when I vocalize, who's to decide truth or lie
what could I be living proof of, I am not disguised
sum or most say I am not this guy
the day I bought the wu manual, it cliqued how I'm immortalized...
...The Father The Sun tzu-wu, blood, it's too true
better believe suh'm of it than call me coo-coo
'cause the enemy knows, how's a frenemy foe
and you can go on with ya' life like I ain't let you know...
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