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I know folks are wondering why I'm so passionate about this, I've been with such a woman in my life before and u would have to kill me before I ever date one again, fuck that, let me put it like this , im not one to judge anyone or their past so I took her in with her 2 kids, who were starving, had not even a pair of good shoes or coats for this extreme weather out here and busted my ass to take care of her and her kids, while she sat at home and blamed everyone for the reason why her abled piece of shit ass wouldn't wanna do nothing with her life, to her, if u were not willing to be a victim and live off the government and sit at home and smoke blunts all day, you were a lame...I can't count on my hands how many times I was called a bitch ass nigga by this bottom feeding lowlife who couldn't even take care of her own kids, then to make things worse, this slut and embarassment to even hell would dare ask her daughters if I was touching them or molesting them in any way possible, like you fuckinh whore...I'm feeding you and your little bastards, you got nerve. On 5 occasions...I nearly ended up locked up because this slut who thinks men in uniforms are lame wouldn't waste time calling the pigs on me, especially if I checked that ass and grabbed that throat every time it tried to put it's hands on me...I don't play that shit..IM A MAN ,you whore.

U know what really pissed me off, in the whole time I was with this piece of diarrhea , I got into fist fights with 3 of her male family members who thought they were tough and so hood till they realized I actually came up in slums,I used to run with killers..dudes that would shoot u just for looking like a joke so I wasn't no pantsy, but what really broke my faith was..she had a little brother, me and this kid were close, he was. A smart kid who had a lot of potential..I mean shit..this kid could write, he could write on the level of professional authors so I took him under my wing and tried to set him straight..I kept this kid off school and kept him focused on his writing, soon...he started getting opportunities, he actually was on his way to being more than just a statistic and as soon as those rats..those vemin saw that, they started calling him lame...making him question himself....telling him he wasn't hood or black enough...the poor kid struggled with himself internally until I couldn't convince him anymore and before you know it..he picked up smoking weed and running the streets, he abandoned his talent..his he is a drop out in a gang and I doubt he is gonna see his 30s...those pieces of shits ruined the poor kids life with their weak ass scum mentality, of playing victims etc...I fucking hate people like that with all my guts...I know this shit too well, I lived it..I came into her life and showed her a way out...she laughed in my face..she thought it was a joke to be your own person ,make your own money and be an educated black person..she rather preferred being uncle SAMs bitch and a good example for the kkk to use..disgusting trash. Fuck em...I have no respect or love for them whatsoever and I caution all u brothers to stop taking up for them, to stop making excuses for them..stop SLEEPING with this vermin and making babies with them...we blacks can do better...we got amazing women in our ethnicity doing things with their lives..those are who we need to focus for these...u don't even wanna know what I want done to them

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