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Originally Posted by Sosa View Post
Good to hear. How old is your son?

You raise a good point too, i think most people deal with relationships through trial and error like myself. My parents never gave me any advice on relationships, but i dont know if they could.

Is the burden on the parents to teach their offspring about friendship, love and sex or are they supposed to work that all out themselves?
My son is four. So he's just at the age of realizing roles and he's old enough to mimic me, so I try my best to treat my wife and other with respect so that he knows that he should do that as well.

I saw my parents scream at each other, demean one another in front of us kids, and that doesn't create a healthy model for adult relationships. I think as a parent myself, I believe it's important to set healthy guidelines for our children for relationships. Some of it they have to pick up for themselves. They have to learn who to trust and how to play the game that is a social life. We can give them a blueprint, but I think they need to pick some stuff up along the way.
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