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Default Is "Vol 1. In My Lifetime" underrated?

So I've been thinking, Jay gets a lot of credit and some of his albums (like Vol 2 and The Black Album) get more credit than they probably deserve. One of the least talked about of his albums though is his follow-up to his debut, the confused but beautiful "Vol. 1 In My Lifetime." On this one, Jay's rhymes and raps just seemed to get stronger although this time, they were over glossier and more commercial beats. Granted, not every track works (*cough* I Know What Girls) but every track works as a cohesive whole. Some of the tracks are even Jay's best ("Where I'm From", "Intro"). I even love "Sunshine" and think it's a great hip-pop song.

So my question to you guys is, how do you feel about this record? Is it underrated or underappreciated? Is it one of Jay's classics?
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