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The more and more i listen the more and more im feelin the vintage wu feel of this album. Ghost did a great job and so did the features. It is a very short album and some of the songs orchestra like singin b4 tracks annoyed me but i understand why there on the track but i often find myself skippin past the singin. Ghost is great of course, with his lyrics painting a perfect picture 4 the story on each track. I dont think its classic but it should get no less than a 8/10. My only worry as far as Ghost goes is that it seems as if his voice is extra dry and raspy like it hurts for him to talk. I notice it in interviews now too. I know tat everyones voice changes but ghosts seems to get worse everytime i hear him. I hope its just because of all the touring and shit...nigga may need to rest his voice b4 he starts recording that supreme clientele 2.
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