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Originally Posted by hide1998 View Post
If you think all RZA did on this was talk a few times, then you don't fully understand what it means to a project if RZA executive produced it.

Cohesiveness, when its at this level, does mean a lot. With that said, there are a couple of tracks on BW I like more than anything on 12 Reasons (The Forest, for example). But there are clear dipping points on BW, whereas there are no dipping points on 12 Reasons. Which is to say, if I were to make Ghsotface compilation, BW tracks MIGHT have more presence on it than 12 Reasons, but as an album...I don't see any argument for BW being a better album than 12 Reasons. Ghost is consistently dope on this, even if he doesn't reach the highs that he does on BW (which in large part has to do with sticking to a concept). The beats, vibe, and guest spots on 12 Reasons sort of speak for themselves.

I need more time with this album, but after about 12 straight listens I'm liking this album more than any of Ghost's albums not named Ironman and Supreme (Fishscale is close, but still not as cohesive).
Yeah, executive producers are very important in guiding the direction and sound of the overall project and like you said, it shows that RZA did it with this one.
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