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Wu-International: A lot of interesting Wu releases are dropping this year, Cilvaringz is an artist that seems to be doing equally astonishing work like the Soul Temple team, as far as production, presentation and basically giving the core Wu fans exactly what they want. Do you mind sharing with us if Soul Temple is aware of Ringz’ work and current project in works and has any interest in putting this out through the ST label?
Andrew Kelley: I have spoken to Ringz through emails a couple times. He submitted beats for one of our upcoming Wu projects and I have asked him what his plans are for his album. I would love for it to be a Soul Temple release. But I think when it comes down to it, because of the nature of the album, Rza & him have to sit down and hash it out. Until that happens I don't think that album will see the light of day. I have also spoken with 4th Disciple, Bronze Nazareth & Allah Mathematics and they have all been supportive of what we are doing at Soul Temple and have even submitted beats for upcoming projects.
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