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Originally Posted by sinfullycute View Post
If the deal comes correct, so far don't seem to be the best businessmen. I see from the albums getting shipped that many people have problems here getting stuff and what they ordered. Yeah makes you want to go with them. A lot of people want Sin's first album, it has to be a correct deal for it to even be considered by him.
Plus seems like he's jealous of Ringz album. They need to stop hating and come with the cash and you'd have better product than just tax write-offs, which so far is all the albums that have been put out from there. I would be surprised if any made money for the artists involved. Not just their pockets.
yo your a fucking party pooper of epic proportions.

sin releasing a solo through soul temple is a fucking brilliant idea!

Originally Posted by sinfullycute View Post
FYI, he's not that close to making it happen.
imo you should be aiming to get the solo out soonish seeing as he probably has a little buzz from legendary weapons, iron fists ost and 12 reasons.....

who knows maybe people from outside of this website might buy it?!
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