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Originally Posted by Jammin View Post
In 2002 when she worked with dom pachino we received tera iz him 1 or 2 yr after the release date .. true story .. and now she talks about soul temple records???? wtf is wrong with her???
Worked is the wrong word since I saw no cash. No cash what do expect-not much done. So, you just precisely said the reason why it should NOT come out on Soul Temple. Anyhow, Cilva is a thousand more times prompt with his payments and promises than Soul Temple is. Cilva can make things happen, even tho' I think a lot of people are jealous that he can, because they can't, and to even have that come out of that guys mouth to me is disrespectful. He's not close to a Sin album. It makes for nice talk, but thats all it is. He is not the only one that wants Sin to make an album. I think its Sin that moves a few of their little units, so in a way he's helping them more than the other way around. Sin doesn't need to make a record-he wants to. He just gets on Wu stuff because those are his people. It's not about putting anyone on. They always get on each others stuff. The itty bitty label is not the way to go-may Wu artists have been there and already done that to not much success. The truth is not happy happy joy joy. You can believe in the unicorn, so I just won't bust your bubble-you're just going to be waiting a long time before you see it, because it's far off.
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