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Originally Posted by noel411 View Post
I've never heard a single song off that list, and only even know maybe 2 or 3 guys on the list.
Me to....

I don't know any of the rappers of today - drake, rick ross, Kendrick Lamar, jay electronica etc...... and from what I have heard I am glad.... although no.1 on that list jay electronica's exhibit c was actually not that bad lyrically.

maybe I am showing my age, I don't know...... but to me everything was better in the golden age - dress, slang, steeze, lyrics, beats etc..... life in general namsayin.

It's actually funny in a way because most of the rappers out today did or had the chance to listen to the golden era and yet there music is still bad .... I mean I heard macklemore scream out wu tang raised him and just shook my head.

but yeah rap is dead in my opinion and has been since 97


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