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Noel411, i see you really love the Geto Boys and i like that. Geto Boys are my favorite southern rap group. You know Willie D is my boy hahahahaha.

1. Geto Boys-We Can't Be Stopped, Till Death Do Us Part, The Resurrection
2. College Boyz-Radio Fusion Radio
3. Scarface-The World Is Yours

Here's my other favorite southern rap albums because it's hard to say just 5.

Scarface-Mr Scarface Is Back
Willie D-Play Witcha Mama, Loved By Few Hated By Many, Unbreakable, Controversy
College Boyz-Nuttin Less Nuttin Mo
Ludacris-Back For The First Time, Theatre Of The Mind

I'm surprised nobody said College Boyz Radio Fusion Radio album because that album has a lot of jams. They're from Baytown, Texas and i don't know how close that is to Dallas or Houston. Romany Malco who was the lead rapper is a actor now and ya'll have seen him in MC Hammer movie, Weeds tv show, Think Like A Man movie. He also had a small part in wack movie Ticker with Steven Seagal and rapper Nas. He also did a movie with rappers Silkk The Shocker and Ice T. Not too many people know about College Boyz. Radio Fusion Radio came out in 1992 and they did one more album after that which was Nuttin Less Nuttin Mo and it came out in 1994. I was kinda upset that they disappeared because i wanted to hear more albums. Ya'll can check out their videos on Youtube which are Victim Of The Ghetto, Humpin, Hollywood Paradox, Rollin.

Goodie Mob are also one of my favorite southern rappers but i didn't mention their albums because i only liked a few songs on Soul Food, Still Standing, World Party, One Monkey Don't Stop No Show. They talked about doing a reunion album and i don't think it's gonna happen but i did hear a new song from them on Youtube and i saw a interview with Big Gipp on Youtube talking about him and the other group members don't have beef with Ceelo and they're working on a album with Ceelo. I don't listen to Ceelo's solo albums because i don't wanna hear him sing. I'd rather hear him rap. LOL@his lyrics on Goodie Mob's The Experience when he said so many black men out here trying to be niggas. Keeping it real to the point that they dying to be niggas LOL. In actuality the fact is you ain't a nigga because you black. You a nigga because of how you act. He spoke the truth.
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