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Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
The Fix and The Diary are alright but i think his best albums are Mr Scarface Is Back and The World Is Yours. He should've rapped more on My Homies album. I love his collabo song Homies And Thugs with Master P on there. Video version is hard. His collabo song N 2 Deep with MC Eiht on Compton's Most Wanted Music To Driveby album is hard. I was listening to the Geto Boys greatest hits cd yesterday and i love their song It Ain't on Till Death Do Us Part album. Scarface raps on that by himself and that beat is banging. Till Death Do Us Part has a lot of good songs. I listened to their Murder Avenue, Raise Up, Murder After Midnight songs from Till Death Do Us Part on Youtube yesterday. I love those songs. Big Mike did a good job replacing Willie D on that album but i was very disappointed in his solo albums because of the beats.
Yeah, My Homies doesn't get enough love. The whole concept though was for Scarface to get all his "homies" on an album, producing enough content for a double-disc album.

I agree with Mr Scarface being his best. It's just too damn hard! Very similar to Ice Cube.
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