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Originally Posted by Rob Swanson View Post
If you legalize it, just don't let your politicians try to pass a 5 nanogram blood limit for driving, like the idiots in my state who never had thorough scientific research done.

They literally made the number up out of thin air w/ out taking body fat to muscle mass ratio or tolerance into consideration.

It may seem ridiculous at the moment, but any form of legalization is a step in the right direction. There will be changes implemented along the way just as there was with alcohol prohibition. A limit that low would require every person with red eyes to be stopped. Even if you weren't high and had THC in your system, many could test above; it just won't/wouldn't be effective because everyone can't be lumped into a category when driving.

More people are waking up to the truth as every year passes, and voices will be heard. A few years ago I would have said a decade, but I'd give national legalization no more than 5 years; it's all in the domino effect. And even those that don't necessarily support "getting high" could still see what the demand will do to boost the economy.

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