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Originally Posted by blaksteez View Post
Na I dont think theres any beef as such, but heres what I think really is up. Priest and RZAs ideologies clash. Can you really imagine Priest instead of Mastakilla as a general? Mastas style is more obdient to RZAs vision of WU especially in the old days. KP would just totally take a WU track to his realm which would be like having two abbotts dropping jewels. KP just has too much to say to be chained down to group oR to wait on RZAs orders. But we all know KP isnt or wasnt happy with the way RZA and GZA kind of treated him back then, he was so close to all the wu yet they choose nas, busta, snoop or George Clinton over him to feature on one wu group album. Anyway its for a reason, they all still got love for each other and KP defo powerful one man army.. I just wana see the KP movie based on his ancient character like in his Cross your heart video, thatd be sick!
in someway I agree with you, but I dont think there is a beef in the real meaning of the word, and I understand why RZA picked Nas, Busta or Snopp instead KP, because they are rap stars while as much as I like and respect KP, KP isnt.
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