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Originally Posted by LORD NOSE View Post
the movie Harlem Nights got allot of bad reviews that said it was Murphys worst movie - i'm sure the reviews made some people not see it -

i think it's one of his best movies -
i love that movie

Originally Posted by Willis View Post
You gain no knowledge by being purposely ignorant of something. Ive read the bible, I dont believe in god and never really have, but its the most read book in the world, so I wanted to read it as I like expanding my knowledge on things. Theres nothing wrong with reading the bible, believing in things with out any factual basis or evidence is the problem.

If anything, reading it made me even less inclined to believe.
i fail to see how atheists can prove a creator/god/gods do not exist. i just think that this particular god seems like a tyrannical psychotic asshole.

Originally Posted by diggy View Post
The writing in that link makes no sense. God cannot be genocidal. Matter of fact God cannot sin at all because morality is for man, not God.

If you are gonna be ignorant of the bible because somebody else read it and misunderstood it and passed this misunderstanding to you and you believe in this misunderstanding, then the loss is yours. Wouldn't you wanna read it for yourself to get your own understanding of it?
ok maybe i will read it. what was misunderstood though? did this god not mass murder(including innocent creatures)? how is that not genocidal? God has no morals? seems like a crock of shit to me. he doesn't have to follow his own rules? why do we then? just seems like another ruthless authority figure that wants us to blindly obey. what is the loss if i dont read it?

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