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lol i dont mean some bright luminous red but a red/copper brown colour. just go and look at any native american. why do you think they were called redskins and red indians.

Jacob's brother Esau was called Edom (red) and Hebrews and Edomites would have been very similiar considering the Bible says they're related to eachother and they're both Semites.

Even Adam is connected with the word Hebrew word "red".

In 1 Samuel 16:12 and 1 Samuel 17:42 King David is called red.

Solomon is called red in Song of Solomon 5:10.

In Lamentations 4:7 Hebrews are called red (people often mistranslate this verse and say Hebrews are white with a red tint to their skin but this is a mistranslation because the Hebrew word for red in this verse is a very deep blood red and not just a shade or hue. Also the word often translated as "whiter" should be translated as "more dazzling").

yes of course the Hebrews looked similiar to Egyptians lol. I'm not sure what you're trying to get at with that point.
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