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Originally Posted by Kephrem View Post
red and brown are is melanin the other lacks it (as in "red necks")

these are brownish reddish people from the middle East

because the real red man lied (being the devil) and constantly in war would see them in red war paint
thats another theory for the origin for "redskin", but if you look at Joeseph Smith he thought of Native Americans as red and he was referring directly to their skin, not red paint.

esau was an albino (the color was announced and recorded in the bible because it was unusual and something new genesis 25:25), born to hebrews who were all black back then (jacobs color was not announced because it was the same as everyone else)

in other words red= not the norm...
if Esau was an albino he would be called very white and not red and that would mean King David and Solomon were albinos.

adam means "of the earth" meaning dark brown...later even the quran said he was created of black mud

masc. proper name, Biblical name of the first man, from Hebrew adam "man," literally "(the one formed from the) ground" (Hebrew adamah "ground"); cf. Latin homo "man," humanus "human," humus "earth, ground, soil."

edom/red is "ah-da-wam" adam is "ah-da-ma"
the Hebrew word for ground is also closely related to the word for red. u make the mistake of not knowing that there is red soil in the Middle East. Go to Australia or the Middle East and you'll see what I mean.

i've never read the quaran so i wouldnt know but how does the colour of mud youre created from decide someones skin colour.

if eve was created from a white rib is she white?

red in the bible is the color of the devil revelation 12:3 & is also considered unclean in the book of the laws on leprosy...figure out for yourself if those kings wouldve been anything close to red, being considered by their own laws as abominable (something extremely low)
revelation is written in a metaphorical context so you cannot use that. i dont remember any laws of leprosy calling red skin unclean. are u sure u arent getting confused with red sores?

Lamentations 4:8

Their visage is blacker than a coal

visage (n.)
c.1300, from Old French visage, from vis "face, appearance,"

ur not reading this in context. The Hebrew word for "blacker" in this sentence means "to grow blacker" which means they were lighter and now they've become darker. Why has this happened? Probably because they've lost blood and become thinner which makes coloured people more dark.

the people are also punished and become diseased so maybe theyre covered with so many scabs they've went darker, or they've caught a skin disease which makes their skin darker.

it's not saying the Hebrews always had black skin. It is even implying that the black skin is bad.

"Their princes were brighter than snow
and whiter than milk,
their bodies more ruddy than rubies,
their appearance like lapis lazuli.

But now they are blacker than soot;
they are not recognized in the streets.
Their skin has shriveled on their bones;
it has become as dry as a stick."

I know thi is a slightly sloppy translation. but basicly it's saying the Jews were originally red and were dazzling (should be "more dazzling" instead of "whiter") but now theyve become diseased and their skin has gone darker coloured.

it could even be a reference oh fire raining down on them from God and they're turning black from soot.

also look at Job 30:30 it also suggests that Job's skin has darkened from diseases.

explain why in 16th century russia theres a painting of the geneaology of christ with nothing but black people with afros

I don't know why. I thought we were talking about original Jews, not Jesus. that picture couldve been from anywhere for all I know. Maybe some Russians took it from some Africans. I have no idea. Never seen that picture before.

were the egyptians red ?

look at their pictures

they were an orange brownish reddish colour.


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