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Originally Posted by Kephrem View Post
they have a degree of melanin = not red which a lack thereof
red isn't a measure of melanin, it's a colour. the Yemenites in that pictures obviously have red coloured skin. Don't look at the levels of melanin, look at the colour. It is red.

didn't he also think they were cursed with blackness? "In the Book of Mormon, Lamanites are described as having a "skin of blackness" which one is it?
sorry looks like I followed a false claim

not exactly sure what he means by a skin of blackness because native americans definitely arent black. It's weird like when French Canadians call people with a swarthy appearance "nigra" and some Africans call light skinned people "white".

what you see in albinos is the lack of melanin which gives a pinkish hue which is red...

that is just stretching it. albinos do have a slight pink colour but the Hebrew word for red which describes Edom is a deep blood red, it's not some shade of red, and it's definitely not pink.

and "white" would have been a far more suitable colour to describe an albino rather than "red". It would just be unneccesarily awkard to call an albino red.

Sirach (Apocrypha) chapter 33:10
And all men are from the ground, and Adam was CREATED OF

the earh is brown not red

Lol the earth is all different colours. It's not just brown. I just showed you two pictures with red earth.

was eve made of an actual rib?
i don't believe in the Bible but the Bible says she was made from Adam's rib.

at times it sure is then what does red represent there if not the actual color of the devil according to you....and is that red color good?
red probably represents anger or fury in the context or maybe John just saw a red dragon in his dream and there was no real reason it was red.

both the color red and white are used unfavorably when leprosy is described...
black skin is used unfavourably in Lamentations 4:8 and Job 30:30. I don't know what point you're trying to make here.

can brown skinned people "grow blacker"..yes or no?

really?? scabs?!
yes brown people can grow blacker from the sun or from not eating enough. white people can grow blacker from tanning as well. Only very black people can't grow any darker.

"Can an Ethiopian change his skin or a leopard its spots? Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil." Jeremiah 13:23

white = holines... as in having a clean slate... and rubies represent hardness..durabilty...or strength
how come in two consecutive verses whenever the Jews are described as red and dazzingly white it's metaphorical but whenever they're described as black it's literal.

it can't just change from allegorical to literal.

this hebrew word זָכַךְ can mean purer or more dazzling but this one צָחַח just means whiter or more dazzling so I don't think it can mean purer, but must mean more dazzling.

Lamentations 4:7 says "their bodies more ruddy than rubies" it doesn't say "harder than rubies" or "more durable than rubbies" or "stronger than rubies".

it says "more ruddy than rubies" so it's referring to the colour of rubies and not any other properties.

and from reading Job 30:30 "My skin grows black and peels; my body burns with fever"

and Lamentations 4:8 "But now they are blacker than soot;
they are not recognized in the streets.
Their skin has shriveled on their bones;
it has become as dry as a stick."

I think that they might have got black boils which can turn into very bad scabs if you itch them. it fits with the descriptions

can brown skinned people become blacker?

or do red people become blacker?
both can turn darker

can brown skinned people become blacker? the jews were mistaken for egyptians which were african...the classic egyptians were not whiter then snow or red/european colored
I think I've answered these previously.

jesus was an unoriginal jew?
there were Jews 1,000s of years before Jesus.

its russian...and at the very least 300 years old..if not 500

russians took an orthodox christian painthing from africans and placed it in a ancient russian cathedral as a holy relic? and lets say they did....thats not the sole one that depicts hebrews as the question remains why...
dude I don't even know where you got that picture. It could be a hoax for all I know. I wouldn't even know it was Jesus unless someone told me. I still don't know if it is Jesus.
Whereabouts in Russia was it found? Was your source reliable? etc

so now not only does red mean brown and white but also orange?
it's hard to pinpoint an exact colour but you basicly know what I mean. They're clay coloured.


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