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Originally Posted by STYLE View Post
yall missed the point. xbox is moving beyond gaming and becoming the first true ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM.
I'm not saying the xbox is complete bullshit (just most of it) but the majority of buyers don't want an entertainment system, they want a console that is focused on games. That presentation made it seem like gaming had been pushed to the back of their priorities

I just think motion control is a massive gimmick that should've stayed on the Wii (yes, I know it was first used on the PS2) so Kinect doesn't bother me in the slightest and the fact that its required to use your xbox just makes things worse

The force feedback triggers do sound interesting but you can't really make a judgement on that until you get hands on with it

NFL/NBA partnership is impressive but what about the rest of the world that don't pay attention to those two? Is there going to be a partnership with Premier League/Bundesliga etc?

Showing achievements on social networks isn't new, Sony have been pissing everybody off with that for quite a while

Wasn't that constantly changing environment announced for Cod only? I zoned out by the time that crap came on

I hope this console does as well as the 360 but I can't see it happening this gen unless they sort out the online requirement and that used game fee


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