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Originally Posted by noel411 View Post
Whoa...holy shit...hold up...what the fuck?

You are aware that their first really great album, Meddle, didn't even come out until '71, right?
syd barrett-era pink floyd > david gilmour/roger waters-era pink floyd

the piper at the gates of dawn is their best album
and their early singles compilation is probably the best thing they ever released

meddle was their first "prog rock" album and probably the best one after syd barrett left

you're insane if you think pink floyd got better after syd barrett left because he was a genius and there's only a few musicians who was as creative as he was

Originally Posted by JASPER View Post
Pink Floyd only good in the 60's... what the fuck am I reading!? Their best albums were in the 70's. This is objectively true.

Also, there were still many prog rock bands in the 80's. Some really good ones too. IQ, Eloy, Marillion, Yes, Camel, Genesis etc.
you mean their most sold albums were in the 70s is objectively true thanks to the united states

the piper at the gates of dawn is one of the greatest albums of all time

only in the uk did pink floyd get attention in the 60s

no one in the united states paid attention to pink floyd back in the 60s
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