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there is no tomorrow, the bombs will fall today

let my closed eyes watch the leaves curl brown, drop, and fade

I've never had a heart, I lost it when I was locked away,

bled dry, my chest cried at the organs left at the bottom of crates

welcome to the department of waste,

do you like the fruit from our gardens of decay?

fight for food among starving plates,

downtown Chicago, startin wars with Martians on State

I've always been a cheater despite the cards I've played,

don't spit darts to hit charts or get paid,

I'm just mad that I've passed my radio daze

hit the studio and blaze, fall asleep and give my opportunities away

smart mouth but I'm gettin them stupid grades

commit to ugly scars with beautiful blades,

everything I've viewed isn't usually on display

tired of hearing, "You can't do that! What will people think of you in this age?"

who gives a fuck,

I'm just happy you pay attention to what I say...
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