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Originally Posted by D.projectile View Post
the NHS tried to kill me for preaching love after taking but cheeks got injected, i got bullied by staff..attempts at undressing me and touching my private parts failed...attempts at making me crazy failed even though they forced me to take my medicine..whatever the fuck it was.

They kept trying to fuck my shit up for telling them God loves them and wants us to recognise we are one people. They scorned me when I called out certain names of those I appreciate deeply. They told me to calm down when I was as calm as I've ever been. I told them I loved them and their families as they drugged the shit out of me and took as much blood as they wanted. I shouted peace to all nations. I wished peace on the 'evil' ones and they hated it. came out a few days ago. I'm grateful to the Most High I'm out. someone thought i needed i need to go back their because I keep quoting the good book. I went out in my socks reading the word in south london after not eating a few days and my family thought enough is enough but I'm out now praise God

12 jewels uncle da fuck you end up in a place like dat???

eye ain't shit doe...the GREATEST GOD in the past 15,099 years mah Father Puddin Allah was "in a place like that too"...mah spirit guide from way back in tripple darkness days Thelonious MOnk was "in a place like that"...

you mow gooder than me uncle...eye sure as fuck ain't wishing peace on evil doer's...and here you are wishing peace on people who rightfully deserve to get done like Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman when they sniffed up all that coke they was supposed to be flippin....RESPECT DUE!!!!!!!!

and just so om not thread jacking....and have already said this a million times here at KTL but...the BIble and Quran are severely watered down versions of what the original humans was practicing before certain dumb fucks chose to row wit da brown germ...LOL!!!!! The Bible and Quran allow its readers to have SLAVES!!!!!!

As sum of us know here...the Gods of the Bible and Quran is a council of humans and its clear that sum piece of shit Gods ascended to that throne...the person on that throne during MOses time ordered him to slaughter the entire DARK SKINNED Midianite population...except for the virgin women...and then...if you fucks wit Mathmatics...ordered Moses to go into You-Rope and help sum wolf titty milk drinkers destroy the whole planet....way to go "God"!!!!!!!!

The Bible got sum Jewels innit....particularly historical and prophetic....the Quran got sum Jewels innit....but you would be wise to throw these books in a fire and let them don't need you really need da Quran to tell you not to kill your female children???

speaking of the greatest.....the greatest west coast emcee ever...perhaps the greatest emcee ever....
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