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No Father to my stench
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knewmucus drunken mastaknewmucus drunken masta
Default fffffffff

everybody wanna stop everybody but ain't nobody stoppin -

............ain't nobody...stoppin......shit?

*knowcheeze shrugs*

eye don't know Lord me fuckin crazy but eye really feel as though eye got enough electrics and magnetics to theologically wipe these arrogant ghost worshippers off da DC area map....eye can CEE the fear in their(orthidox muslims) eyes when come amoungst their childrens fuck wit me...they intuitively know their parents are a bunch of fuckin lames and hypocrites and they know dat dat lovable teddy ruxpy like knowcheeze is so al Khadir-eske being the green one dat he E-uhz....LOL

honestly...if these DC area orthidox muslims weren't such arrogant slavemaster assholes eye wouldn't even be plotting to use theological hygene on them...

but just bear in mind eye got a BIIIIIG head....literally and figureatively...LOL!!!!! One of mah nicknames is Big Headed time will tell if this is another delusion of grandjuer caused by weed smoke or its the real shit.....

slack talk and gossip is a very dangerous thing
beware of the bringers of bad news

well...short story long Lord N....
cee whut had happened wuz...the universe forced self to cee sum shit that eye didn't cee before...eye used to be on that light worker shit...when eye say light worker eye don't mean any specific school of could be any school of thought....eye just mean people who profess their divinity....but then 3 things happened...1)the majority of light workers dissappointed da fuck out of self 2)eye realized that devils are attracted to light 3)eye read the chapter endarkenment from the gospel of Hip now fuckin wit da "dark" long story short....

eye don't cee that stating the fact that mah Father puddin occasionally sniffed dat sarah palin as slack talk, gossip or bad news...

eye think its fuckin awesome that he sniffed coke occasionally...

eye bullshit you not lord nose!!!!!

seriously.....eye mean who da fuck holds knowcheeze down in real life????????...womanizers, drug dealers, gang members, thugs, junk food eaters, lazy couch potato's etc...conshush people are the fuckin worst of the and mah now defunct friend but eternal family member Brandosho started a foundation called FUCK YAW VEGANS AND CONSHUSH PEOPLE....and eye hope it can grow....

do you feel it's your duty to destroy the "evil doers" ?

eye feel its everybodys duty to destroy the evil doers...why da fuck not?

what you think?
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