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Default ffffff

dayum....eye just felt deja vu reading your response....but that happens pretty often nowadays

"how are you going to treat them ?"

like eye said...most the people eye build with are on that lower level...and eye treat them very well...eye have cultivated mah feminine side so om quite the loving thinking of going to school to study becoming a Doula...

i don't see you as partaking in slack talk and gossip by raising this topic

vanglorious!!!!! Like eye said...eye can't fuckin wait till the moment comes when eye can tell a so called Muslim that eye would rather fuck wit a coke sniffing God than a slavemaster mass murderer God!!!!!

who do we start with ?

in general every dayum day the universe gives all of us multiple opportunities to destroy evildoers...shoe know? can destroy someone without we start with WHOMEVER DA FUCK WANTS IT!!!!!!

but don't get it twisted....mah target kill is those old diseased men who number no more than 1000 who control the 10 percent...thats whom om really trying to "get"...
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