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firstly...lemme cut and paste lee who'll shum from Geromino's bio...

"Geronimo Pratt is an ex-Black Panther member who was framed and convicted of murder by the same Hall Of Justice as Charles Manson at roughly the same time. Pratt’s defender was Charles Holepeter, the attorney that was forced on Charles Manson (and he eventually fired). Evidence was withheld, fabricated and witnesses coerced into lying on behalf of the prosecution. The only difference is that 26 years later Geronimo Pratt was released from prison.
“He heard a chirpy voice cry, “Geronimo!” Charles Manson’s hairy face peeked from cell no.1. Pratt nodded. He was glad to see a familiar face. They’d been held together in the Los Angeles County jail.
Manson set an outcry of other yells and shrieks: “Hey! They got Geronimo in here!” “It’s the man!” “Home boy!” He began to chant “Geronimo! Geronimo! Geronimo! Geronimo!”
In March 1974 after Geronimo was given the wrong pills and nearly overdosed, he received a kite from Manson saying “you’ve been set up, stay out of yard today.” Possibly saving Pratt’s life.
  • (Source: The Triumph and Tragedy of Geronimo Pratt)" you can cee...Manson clearly fucked wit Geromino....which damn near makes me fuck wit manson....its also interesting to note that in jail it was a white supremist that taught Geromino to introduce green leafy vegetables into his diet to combat the health problems he was having..

moving on into conspiracy theory-dom...

eye have heard that Charles mansons mom sold him to the CIA when he was young and they did satanic rituals on him....rosemary's baby eye think they call it
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