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Originally Posted by White N Dangerous View Post
Cast a Thought as i Pass the Pot in Which i Piss In
the Aftershock left ya Ass in Shock.. in Critical Condition
Sell ya soul for Riches, Incredibly Suspicious Set at Three Wishes
Genie Powers, Scheming for Hours on how to Deceive Our Minds
Dream of Times when i Would See Hard Times n put it All Behind Me
Falling Slightly, a Polished Psyche, Demolished Like Construction Sites Be
Hope is Feeling like a Broken Ceiling, no Structure or Support
Such a Sad Report when i can't even Muster a Glad Remark
That's why we spit the toxic darkness at your conscience,with no remorse
,On the vegas strip Fuckin movie star bitches in a newish bluish porsche,a fluent source of rhymes that shift and Split your force,religious cost,Christ a remove the cloth...,from your eyes a spiritual hit list to take your lives an old device control the minds and hide the sigNs,tieing string to your mannequin minds,u remember the times when thing were just simple,now societies cripple.pretending to be handicap across the provincial and city state,fatal attraction for every dime that they make,so do as thou wilt till the end of your dayz....

"We discourteous creatures, features of repetitive
feaster's,that pray on the opposite optical of logical people"
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