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Default Re: The Game ( Dream)

Holy shit i posted this here yesterday, right before i left work, i didnít know it was goanna start shit up the way it did.. IMO this joint here donít sound like Stroke of death at all, it does have a wu sound to it , and it does sound like something out of supreme clientele, with a more refine tune to it, besides the man, idolizes RZA, he said him self , that his whole style was take from rza producing method, he has definitely taken it ot another level, by being able to make a beat raw and commercial at the same time, if he produces a WU album...OMG i guarantee a real comeback

BTW: if you read the interview where he said that every beat drom his first album was made with the intention to be give to Ghostface, you see tha the man like his style
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