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Originally Posted by Sosa View Post
your post doesn't really make sense.

hes dead now, the media has no use for him as a target of hate. and from what information we have we can guess he was pretty much a fictional character in the first place.

Man Hitler has been dead for 68 yrs, and they still have all sorts of documentaries about world war 2 and about him on the regular. Now I am not saying that ww2 is the same as sept 11 or the war on terror but it's a close second.

also what I am trying to say is that his death (bin laden) and what should've naturally flowed from that and after that i.e..... media saturation, documentaries, government propaganda, Islamic outcry...did not happen ??? Its like it was swept under the rug and the world acted like nothing of significance had occurred, when for the last decade or so, terrorism, bin laden and al Qaeda is all we have heard about... man this dude (bin laden) was the figure head that was responsible for the worlds worst act of terrorism, two wars and the inspiration for killing (terrorism) on a global scale.

The quietness surrounding all this does not make sense in the natural order of things and in regards to how the world works in this present day and age.... I mean we hear more about beyonce and jay -z and the such, than we have about the worlds most globally recognised wanted man.


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