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Default ffffffff

"This dude was responsible for the worlds largest terrorist attack"

with all due respect prof Z...

this is evidence that whatever sect of christianity you follow ain't worth 2 shits and a toilet full of buttworms...

and the christians...the AUTHENTIC christians eye build with in real life agree with me 100 percent...

this is why eye fucks with Pastor Gino Jennings so hard....he knows the truth about of 9/11 and teaches it to his flock...

just to wrap it up....Ben Laden had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks at all...anybody who doesn't know this is a fuckin was Bush and Chaney's puppeteers and euro-Zionists who masterminded them attacks....

seriously...the fuckin lames who think Ben Laden did 9/11 are 100 times more lame than the people who believed the media in 1963 when they said Oswald killed kennedy...

the people in 1963 had an exuse....YOU DON'T!!!!!!!!

the reason they swept dead Osama under the rug so quickly is the same reason they quickly recycled the ground zero crime scene and its the same reason eye eat mah joint when pigs roll up on me....TO GET RID OF EVIDENCE!!!!!!

12 jewels

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