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Originally Posted by Origin™ View Post
Album is flames.

Funny you say that, after first listen I was like "this shit sound like something roc produced" haha
Could it be the heavy samples with the extra quiet drums that makes yall think that lol? anyways i must admit that alchemist heavy sample loop style has grown on me but i still wish he made bangers like in the early 2000's but these beats are still shittin on what most other producers today are droppin. id say rite now imo its

1. Alchemist
2. Harry Fraud (tearin up the underground givin heat to bronson, montana, spitta, roddy, trae....this white nigga has crack on every coast east,west, south, midwest)
3. Mad-lib ( ol skool but still stayin relevant droppin heat with freddie gibbs and joey bad)
4. MikeWill (hes tearin mainstram rap up rite now)
5. ChildishMajor (tearin up everything down south)
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