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Default ffffffff

what has got into man ?

dead animals and animal milk

and, how much of an animal is man ?

the lower 3 chakras

wolves prey on sheep

lions prey on deer

know-the-ledge hacks prey on people who bout shit

devils prey on people who's high vibration of frequency is visable

perhaps man is a fusion and was made from the different good stuff found on earth -

yolp...humans have the remarkable ability to be a God or be a flesh eating scavenger animal...its our choice

this fire he has is great

and maybe he'll shoot enough of it at his brother to cause the earth to change it's texture in the near future.

wouldn't that be nice!!!!!

how are novas made ?

what was the sun before it was a big ball of fire floating in an ocean called space ?

what you drivin at here boss????

12 jewels!!!!!!
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