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Hmm...well I'll break it down like this:

Voice - Both are distinct, but you can't top Meth's voice, it's simply addictive. - METH

Lyrics - Meth is clever but Redman is something else with his lyrics. He can be silly, smart, or absolutely ridiculous and all his words are carefully chosen to convey this - RED

Wordplay - Sort of goes into lyrics, and again it's Redman - RED

Delivery - I love both of their deliveries, but I gotta go with Red. His energy is simply infectious - RED

Flow - It's hard to touch Meth with flow, just his track (on 36 Chambers) is all the proof you need, the guy can flow - METH

Storytelling - Meth really don't tell much for stories, Redman can however. Check out "Sooperman Luva II" for proof - RED

Freestyle - I've only heard a number of freestyles from them but from the ones I did, Red was better - RED

Live Performance - Can't comment on this one

Albums - Red's got more quality albums, period. - RED

Guest Spots - I've yet to see a guest spot where Red doesn't kill it - RED

So total wise that's---
Redman - 7
Method Man - 2

Redman is better imo, but they're both great MCs.
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