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Ill admit I haven't heard all meth's and red's catalogues, but I have heard there best work so I will base my opinion on that.

Voice - Personally I prefer method man's voice but red's isn't that bad either.

Lyrics - While red is a good m.c, method man's performance on wu tang forever is better than anything redman can spit.

Word play - I think this is pretty much even, although in the early days of wu meth was the word play master eg. m.e.t.h.o.d man, protect ya neck.

Delivery - I like both there deliveries, but I will give it to redman as method man has fallen off in the delivery department, when he first emerged on the scene back in the day he was witty and unpredictable and had a natural charisma but now he is sort of boring where as redman still has that entertainment value.

Flow - method man.... just check out his first verse on a track he did with redman from muddy waters "do what ya feel", to me this is one of the best examples of flowing I have ever heard.... just so effortless.

storytelling - I would have to say that red is better

Freestyle - I don't think either are considered that great at freestyling

live performance - can't comment

albums - redman ..... redman has muddy waters, where as meth does not have a classic album.

Guest spots- I am gonna go with meth because I like him better I guess.


The Method Man - 4

Redman - 3

Even - 2

I think that is about right, but if I have to choose I think method man on his day is a better m.c than redman and on a different level.... I mean he is in "Wu tang clan" that pretty much says it all, but both are so ill I have a hard time taking anything away from red, but yeah I think method man is the better m.c.


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