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allways 'preciate the feedback, our egos need that
I nest in west p. now, on the hunt, this eagle need snacks
I reiterate the knowledge, 13X on the 13th X'd
was a friday, morning of 6 of '69, what's that suggest
man, I was shot down in a' elevator shaft to hell
harry angel style, to south p. where them demons dwell
yacub [louie cyph'] relocated here from north phil', '78
I'm creative if I'm making this up, but heavy's the weight
on my mental compass, my ghetto's mentis compus
like a vehicle gutted out down to its carcass
how them north philly streets looked back 'til the '80s
early-'90s, before the city's cosmetic slicin'
now relating that to the harlem shakedown, a bit surprisin'
sounding like fiction, me born in the S.P. asylum
me, my cousins marcus garvey and bumpy johnson
the niggas malcom x, and luciano for starters
who wanna' argue about where shit started, retardos
who'll never get a budge outta' phila'ficcionados
reason why, phila. body bag experiment bravado
too many who ain't ever live to see tomorrow...

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