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ChristO crouching tiger

...yo, purge the father from my inner being if you capable
I been guardin' my post since the saber-tooth
wu' energy tried but each survives on his own agenda
the system will try but still-in-all fail to dis-member
what had to be re-membered, and all I can remember
is this life since the '70s disco to rhythm
and blues, but the fuse is too long for endings
my use to strong for friendships, I'm allone henchman
my zone seven south philly to the city's center
I rode seven, 19th and 20th on septa
my whole lineage bigger than 2.15 the birth date
my whole area bigger than 215 my birthplace
I can say that I stay the patriot, but pay me, shit
i need proof a' life that I exist on some daily shit
add butter, milk and bacon from a cow to that daily bread...
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