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June181972, you make a lot of sense. Bill Cosby should understand that it's not easy for black men to get jobs. Instead of dissing ignorant black men, what he should do is talk to them to understand why they sell drugs and rob to get money. Black men that live in poor black neighborhoods don't have a lot of job opportunities because there aren't any good jobs in their neighborhoods. Good jobs are far away from where they live and if they don't have a car to get to these jobs, what are they gonna do? Jobs in the ghetto are owned by foreigners and foreigners aren't gonna hire blacks because they hire their own people. That's just the way it is. Foreigners don't mind making money off blacks but they won't hire them to work for them which is racist. Even if foreigners did hire blacks, black men aren't gonna take the job because they don't pay enough. Ya'll know most black men aren't gonna work for low pay. People say education and school is important and it can help you get a job but the reality is that most school classes don't help you get a job and most black men hate school.

Plus black schools are terrible and they don't have the nice things that white schools have. Black schools are in bad neighborhoods and most black men come to school just to fight and start trouble because school doesn't interest them at all. I'm not trying to make excuses for black men but this is the reality. Like Guru said on Gang Starr's Conspiracy song, the SAT isn't geared for the lower class. So why even waste time trying to pass. The educational system presumes you to fail. The next thing is the corner and after that jail. I didn't agree with what he said but after thinking about it, i see what he's talking about. I've never taken the SAT test but i'm willing to bet that the questions are hard and most blacks haven't passed it. Guru also said that whites wanna send blacks to war and they wanna ban rap. What they really wanna do is get rid of us blacks. He makes a good point. Willie D of the Geto Boys said on You Still A Nigga song, try to get a job and count how many doors slam hahahahahahahahaha. He's right because discrimination towards black men still exist when they're trying to get a job. There's more black women working than black men.
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