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Originally Posted by Paranoid View Post
if youre going to start talking albums and shit

method man proved himself enough on 36 chambers and forever alone

tical is classic

judgement day is classic

blackout is classic
Not to talk down Method, b/c you're right, the dude's put in work. But look at it like this....

Whut Thee Album >> Tical

Dare Iz A Darkside >> Judgement Day (both of these albums, oddly enough, have a paranoid and dark environment, but Red does it better and with more personality)

Muddy Waters > Tical 0/ 4:21 Day After - (This isn't a real good comparison, but you get the point, Red is more consistent)

On Blackout!, both MCs are great, but I'd be lying if I said that Meth was better. Red killed every song and Meth was more of a sidekick on that album. That could be marked up to the fact that the beats were more "Red-friendly" than what Meth is used to. Meth doesn't usually spit on hype tracks that often but you see what I'm saying.
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