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Originally Posted by MASTER PAI MEI View Post
I guess you never seen porn.

furthermore, if you have such deep rooted homophobia you might as well never leave your home while you live in a plastic bubble, John Travolta.

Bwahahahaahahah the lack of masterbation is wearing you down. Your balls may explode or you must have some really wet dreams.
eye ceen porn in the past when eye was mentally dead...

now that om vibrating at higher frequencies...eye view ALL woman as mah daughter...thus eye don't wanna cee mah daughter getting filmed fucking sum random the reincarnation of Che Guevara...eye have alot to live up to while trying to not get murdered....

om not homophobic...eye have a few "gay" friends who could vouche for that....eye just don't wanna be anywhere where theres naked not a fuckin greco roman....

true...eye don't masterbate...cee thats the bad part of masterbation...that sexual energy COULD be used to actually get REAL FEMALE.....YES...A REAL FEMALE...eye have a few friends that eye been influencing to give up masterbation....and guess what happened....they are pursing REAL LIFE FEMALES

don't you know theres certain schools of martial arts that require like 6 years of got it twisted....saving semen has improved mah health remarkably....

lastly....eye don't like outwardly cumming....eye don't.....when eye have sex with a female eye like to stay erect.....absorb her vagina cum...and have INWARD orgasms which are 1000 times better than outward ones....its a bridge to the spirit realm...the best shit is when you having sex with a female and you go into the spirit realm....its a magical and time are not felt....everything looks like a glowing impressionistic painting...

anyways....point being...when om dreaming eye think its really never have wet dreams because eye don't like to outwardly cum in real life...
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