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knewmucus drunken mastaknewmucus drunken masta

Yes, I have 2 children know what its like to be sum raw pussy....and eye know what its like to enter the spirt realm off sum not homophobic....eye just like pussy...and a asshole just won't do....being in a rooom full of masterbating people just won't do....

You mentioned being on a higher frequency and view all women as your daughter (as they are someones daughter) hence why you do not watch porn. Having a mindstate of a PIMP is not conducive with looking at all women as if they are your daughter. That being said. I get what you are saying but maybe PIMP was the wrong word. PIMP=Degrading women=Porn

now....when did eye say eye have the mindset of a pimp?

or what proof do you have that eye have the mind of a pimp?

owl make it easy for you...the answer is NEVER and NONE

moving on....mah study of pimplogy was what actually ended mah womanizing....and eye never was much of a womanizer to begin with....

basically pimpology put self at a 3 pronged fork in the road....eye could take the right turn and be a pimp....but eye don't have the stomach for it

eye could go straight....and be a john, a trick, a hoe or someone who is getting played

or eye could take that left and be a father eye took that left....and what check two and his B.O. don't understand is that being a father figure eye have so many woman who love me cuz om not like these other bitch worshiping moon rotating appreciated

once eye read Iceburg Slims book "Pimp" it changed mah life...eye realized that these rappers who have sex with their groupies are actually getting played....eye realized that dudes who have sex with women who they don't plan on earfff'n up are getting played....basically its males whoring themselves for for free!!!!!!!!

eye finally understood the divine design in all those times eye turned down pussy from dumb groupie bitches....

God was trying to save me from that center path....

so victorious eye pimp can say om getting played.....and nobody can say that om playing any female....
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