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Originally Posted by MASTER PAI MEI View Post
Got it. Semantics. You stated You Mom Dad raised you to be a pimp which is a negative mindstate. Enough said. You meant you leanred the pimp game which led you to become a Father Figure, thats great.

Thats my life, Father Figure.

I have a son who just graduated and will be attending college.

I have a daughter who is going to 4th grade.

Everything I do and say is done with them in mind.

I stay connected. Everything I do, I do to model the best behavior for them. Lead by example. Stay interested/connected in them. Let them rise above the bullshit that brings a majority down.
thats so 12 jewelsy....eye have SUCH an urge to make sum babies right about smellin that...and it smells good

yeah...semantics....mah disfunctional parents raised me to be a lazy domesticated eye said...eye don't got the stomach to pimp....the best eye could do with it is become a house-husband.....which eye wouldn't mind at all....

but yeah...eye have really refined mah self in terms of women....eye don't even look at females bodies anymore....except for the woman om trying to put a baby in
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