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knewmucus drunken mastaknewmucus drunken masta
Default ffffffff

its not just magic...its also an exorcism...yaw is possessed by demons...

eye want to use stinky as an example for the lesson

that you should always treat people nice cuz u never know who you are dealing with

and cowardly it is to be abrasive with people on message boards

but eye understand you act like you do because you have a thorn in your back that needs to be removed

going further...eye find it comical the defense that goes a little sum sing like this=oh eye would fight you....but eye got children...and om a grown man

what om wondering is....dayum...why did your children choose such a petty cowardly lame to incarnate in????

your children are in quite a perdicament to not grow up to be the petty lame asshole that you are....sad
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