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Originally Posted by LORD NOSE View Post
it becomes scary because you later realize that the things you wanted 15 to 20 years ago, isn't really what you should have had, and if you were to get what you wanted back then, it most likely would have damaged you -

i'm realizing that wanting less and needing less keeps the weight off of your mind and body -

desires that seem good like love and attention, acception and so forth, are not all that innocent and can lead to your demise - a desire is a desire - it's like an attractive fire that draws you to it - you spend Time getting to it - you get it - and realize that it was a waste of time spent that could have been spent on you locating your problems and solving them.
thats real talk! its the feelings generated from that fiasco that stays fresh...its an inspiration though trust may sound weird but it really is. i hear u though actually attaining her would have dimmed things down alot

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